• Purchased umbrella in the Summer of 1993!

    Dynateck America 

    I just wanted to give you some feedback on your amazing products.  My wife and I purchased two of your 9 foot wooden umbrellas in the summer of 1993.  We have used these umbrellas every year for the last 28 years in Michigan, which sometimes has very challenging weather.  To our amazement, these umbrellas look as good as new still today. The color of the canopy has not faded and the wood is as good as it was when we bought them.  Everyone of our neighbors has replaced their umbrella multiple times during that same period because either the canopy has faded or the mechanism has failed.  Unfortunately our canopies have begun to tear at the top and we need to replace the canopies.  The frame is still in great condition, so hopefully we can get another 28 years out of these canopies!!!  We may not be here to know if it lasted another 28 years so I will have our kids let you know. 

    Bill and June